6 Must-Knows for Your Commute to Dingalan, Aurora, Philippines

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Currently, Dingalan, Aurora is only accessible through Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Hopefully, with the current construction of the Pacific-Eastern Seaboard Expressway, there will be another option for travelers going to Dingalan: via Infanta, Quezon.

1.) PITX currently doesn’t have buses going to Cabanatuan City

Your first endeavor is to look for buses going to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Cabanatuan City is currently the only gateway to Dingalan, Aurora. I thought that the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) would have buses going to Cabanatuan City. I was wrong. The driver who instructed me to go to PITX was wrong. Currently, the bus terminals with routes going to Cabanatuan City are in Pasay and Quezon City.

2.) Five Star Bus Line has buses going to Cabanatuan City

After taking the Edsa Carousel Bus, I alighted to the Five Star Bus Terminal in Cubao, Quezon City. Every hour, there will be buses leaving for Cabanatuan City. Make sure you arrive early so you won’t be sitting on the bus aisle like me. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

3.) Once in Cabanatuan Central Terminal, ride a bus going to Umiray

After alighting in Cabanatuan Central Terminal, I missed the last bus trip to Brgy.Umiray, Dingalan. I think the latest bus trip was at 5pm. If you missed your bus, there are a lot of hotels nearby offering overnight stays. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

4.) Beautiful Vistas to Pass

There will be a lot of wonderful vistas that you will pass by while having the road trip from Cabanatuan City to Dingalan. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

5.) Get a tricycle to reach your destination in Dingalan

The bus driver stopped by Dingalan Plaza as my resort is located in Brgy. Paltic. There are no jeepneys in Dingalan. So, you have to hire a tricycle driver who can bring you to your resort.

6.) Dingalan Bus Terminal

When going back to Cabanatuan City, you can either wait for the bus by the highway or go straight to the Dingalan Bus Terminal.

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