Top 11 Coffee Houses in Santa Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

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1.) Hebrews Kape

It is a comparably smaller coffee shop compared to other coffee shops but we chose this establishment because it is the only coffee shop in Santa Cruz which roasts and grinds its own coffee beans. Coffee lovers can even observe the coffee roasting process as the roasting machine is just displayed in front of the shop. It has been attracting returning customers who now prefer to order their coffee beans from them.

Location: Brgy. Calios, Provincial Highway, Santa Cruz, Laguna

2.) The Coffee Affair Bistro

3.) Dejabrew

4.) Caffesha

5.) Figaro

6.) Kopihan

7.) Coffee, Always.

8.) 18th Bonne Cafe

9.) Cafe Tribu

10.) Monte Coffee

11.) Coffee Grind

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