Top 11 Cafe Brands in the Philippines

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Cafes are defined as a small eating and drinking establishment which primarily serves coffee. I think Cafes are chic for socializing with friends or for waiting for someone. Since college, I have sinned for liking coffee because of my religion. Over the years, I have saved a lot of memories in cafes. I’m posting all of the pics I have for which I think are the top cafe brands here in the Philippines.

1.) Cafe Mary Grace

This is our favorite cafe. Apart from coffee, they have developed a nice, healthy, and delicious menu.

2.) Highlands Coffee

It is a Vietnam-culture-inspired cafe in the Philippines.

La Creperie

3.) UCC Cafe

4.) Starbucks

5.) 4th Street Cafe

6.) Mad Cafe

7.) Craft Revolution PH

8.) Coffee Project

9.) Little Owl Cafe

10.) Wake Up Cafe

11.) Purple Beetle Cafe

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