9 Things To Do in Liliw, Laguna, Philippines

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1.) Shop for Shoes/ Slippers

Liliw is one of the top producers of export-quality shoes and slippers.

2.) Try their cafes/ restos

There have been many creative restaurants sprouting in Liliw. Apart from nice design concepts, food is great! Read our separate blog for their cafes/restos here:

3.) Meet Liliw’s First Inhabitants

4.) Try Belen’s Palabok

5.) Shop from their Pasalubong Center

They are selling their local produce such as crabs captured from their rivers, ferns for salad, honey and biscuits.

6.) Buy Pastries from Liliw Bakeshop

7.) Visit their Plaza

Get a selfie with the big letterings LILIW in the plaza or the largest slipper in the world

8.) Visit their centuries-old church (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

9.) Observe the ordinary daily life of the locals

10.) Explore Other Developing Tourist Spots

Other Photos taken in Liliw


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