8 Things To Do in Lumban, Laguna, Philippines

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1.) Pray at Church of Lumbang ( San Sebastian Parish)

The Church was for a time the center of all missionary activities in Laguna. The original church of wood and thatch, was destroyed by fire, being replaced by the first stone church to be built in Laguna, completed here in 1600. A solemn eucharistic procession was held here on October 9, 1600. The church was seriously damaged by the earthquakes of 1880. A rest-house for sick franciscan missionaries was maintained here from 1606 to 1618.

2.) Play Badminton after church

This badminton court is just beside San Sebastian Parish.

3.) Shop for your embroidered Gown/Barong

Shop for the cheapest price but highest quality of embroidered gowns/ barong. One of Lumban’s talents are on embroidering nice gowns and barongs. You have a lot of choices among embroidery shops scattered around the town. They even have Burdang Lumban Festival to celebrate such arts and talents on embroidery.

4.) Check out some old house structures

5.) Meet Rizal

6.) Wait for sunset/ sunrise in Lumban bridge

7.) Appreciate some sustainable energy efforts of the town

8.) Eat at APaulBean

9.) Batchmates Reunion in a Resort

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