10 Random Things for our First Bonding in Hong Kong

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        This was 6 years ago. My recent one was as a solo backpacker. BUT it is good to reminisce this first travel abroad Liezel and I did as a couple.

     This was Liezel’s first ride on the airplane. I can see much excitement on her eyes. And like most first time travelers, she took as many photos as she can– even the clouds.

        We wanted to get lost in Hong Kong. And spend without worry the hard-earned money we had as regular employees.

Here are the 10 Random Things We Did as a Couple in Hong Kong!

1.) Ride Hong Kong’s Trains

2.) Visit The University of Hong Kong

3.) Eat in a Buddhist Resto

4.) Visit the Museum of Coastal Defense

If I am just not scared to die, I could have been a military. Entrance is 10 HK dollars.

5.) Check exciting things happening on the streets


6.) Eat at McDonald’s Hong Kong


7.) Victoria Harbour Pictorial


8.) Visit any Chinese Temple


9.) Birthday Celebration with Hong Kong Streetfoods

10.) Staycation in Baybridge Hongkong hotel



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