15 Things To Do in Hanoi, Vietnam

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     Last 2016, we visited the southern city of Vietnam- Ho Chi Minh  where we also did a cross border trip to Cambodia up to Thailand. This time, we are visiting the northern city of Vietnam- Hanoi where we will also ride a sleeper bus going to the Vietnam-China border. Here are the 15 Things To Do in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1.) Try Grab a Bike

     We do not have ‘Grab-a-Bike’ options in the Philippines. Thus, from the airport’s wifi, I decided to start my adventure with ‘Grab-a-Bike’. My driver was over speeding and I wished I brought some goggles to counter the winds.


2.) Sleep in Hanoi Hostel

     I barely slept because of the snores of some of my roommates and the loud chatter around 6AM. Around 6:30 AM, it seems it is already hot in Hanoi. I decided to take my breakfast early to start my tour in the city.  (Breakfast was authentic Vietnam coffee, pancakes and bananas) Book your hostel here.


3. ) Map Adventure

    I asked the receptionist where I can find a money exchange and Lily’s travel agency. I do not have any GPS due to niggardness of buying a sim card. The receptionist came up with a map. She said I can walk around 30 minutes. (I felt like Dora the explorer.)


4.) Buy a Vietnamese Hat

     It is so hot in Hanoi in this time of the year. You would really need this Vietnamese hat if you want to roam around the streets. Plus, you can always display this once you are back to your own country!


5.) Try the Vietnam Buko Juice

    The effect of Buko Juice is like gatorade. It keeps you energised. And does not let you loose much water in this very hot weather. The Buko Juice stall is very much near to the Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum.



6.) Visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

     It was so satisfying that I finally took below picture which I just normally see on post cards and history books. On that building lies the remains of Ho Cho Minh, one of the national icons of Vietnam.



7.) Visit Ho Chi Minh Museum

       Near Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The museum contains all the memorabilia about Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam’s struggle to freedom.



8.) Try the Poca Food

Inside the Ho Chi Minh museum is a vending machine for Poca chips. They say it is one of the famous chips in Vietnam. I tried the Nori Seaweed flavour.



9.) Visit the Museum of Ethnology

       The Museum exhibits Vietnam’s different ethnic tribes and their daily lives. I enjoyed the different costumes they represent and their unique ways of celebrating life.


10.) Meet Thao

         Nearby the Museum of Ethnology is my friend Thao. I met her in the 28th International Youth Forum in Seoul, Korea last August of 2017. She offered me a very good Vietnamese lunch!



11.) Try their Bubble Milk Tea

      Since I love Bubble Milk tea, I asked Thao what she can recommend as one of Vietnam’s favorite bubble milk tea. I loved DINGTEA’s shop design and menu.



12.) Drink Hanoi Beer

        Around 5pm, I went back to NGO HUYEN street where Lily’s Travel Agency is located. Nearby is Anh’s Restaurant which offers 2 free Hanoi beers if you will rate them 5stars in Tripadvisor. They deserve the 5stars and I am just so thankful that I got the Hanoi beer.



13.) Grab Vietnamese Sandwich 

       Also along NGO HUYEN street where Lily’s Travel Agency is located is a Vietnamese Sandwich stall. They call it Banh Mi. Mine is a baguette stuffed with fried egg, ham, celery, cheese, and tomatoes.


14.) Book your next Vietnam Tour by Lily’s Travel

       Lily’s Travel Agency, one of the trusted travel agencies in Vietnam that accommodated me for my Sa Pa tour in Lao Cai Province. You may check out the experience in this link:



15.) Leave Hanoi at night

       It would be best to leave Hanoi at night via sleeper bus if your next destination is 6-8 hours away. You may just sleep in the bus rather than pay additional fees for a hostel.




  1. Mmm! Bubble Milk Tea! I could go for some right now. And the Buko Juice sounds really interesting!

    This looks like a fascinating city with lots of history. If I ever go there, I’ll be sure to visit the places you mentioned, especially the Ethnicity Museum.

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