8 Things To Do in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, Philippines

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     It was a weekend and the buses were full. Some of the passengers had to stand on the aisle and just had to wait for hours before other seats got vacant. I left Vigan at 7PM and arrived to Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union by midnight. Here are the 8 things you can do in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union!


1.) Get into the free Wifi

      My phone memory was already full and I had to upload the pictures and videos so I can capture new moments. I stayed in my hostel for an hour before I hopped to the night parties of the town.



2.) Meet your local friend

    I met Angelica Maranan in the 28th International Youth Forum in Seoul, Korea in August 2017. We were both delegates from the Philippines. Since she is living in this town, I grabbed this opportunity to meet her for 2 minutes. Yes, 2 minutes. I hopped to a bar where she was hosting an event, called her, took a picture, and go. I was really hungry that time so I just have to go and look for food.



3.) Eat 5 barbecues and bowl of rice with san mig apple

     Beside the bar where my friend was hosting is a grill restaurant. I enjoyed the 5 barbecues, the bowl of rice, and san miguel beer apple flavour.



4.) Hear the beautiful siren rocker

     I was super enjoying my meal because of the beautiful performer in this grill restaurant. I was too shy though to walk nearer and get a video of her.



5.) Sleep Well

      Charlie’s hangar hostel is a bit far from the bars and restaurant (around 15minutes walk). There is just no noise that I enjoyed my sleep. Or perhaps, my roommates are also well-mannered not to disturb anyone.



6.) Play with the waves

The next morning, I played with the waves.



7.) Or surf

Last time I tried surfing was 2013, I was scared to try it in La Union but it could have been great if I did.



8.) Try the Sinigang na Baboy in Happy Tummy, San Fernando, La Union

     While waiting for my bus back to Manila in Partas Bus Terminal in San Fernando, La Union (neighbour town of San Juan, La Union), I tried the Sinigang na Baboy in Happy Tummy Restaurant which is only few meters away from Partas Bus Terminal. That was the best Sinigang na Baboy I tasted in my entire life.



Note: On your way back to Manila, you can just take a jeepney from San Juan, La Union going to Partas Bus Terminal, San Fernando, La Union for 10php.


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