3 Must-Sees when in Bohol

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This is my second visit in this Island which is 3 hours away from Manila via plane. I did a lot of stuffs on my first time- visited churches, museums, beaches, snorkelling, dolphin watching, boating, and island hopping. On my second visit, I decided to spend quality time on three top destinations. I suggest you see those if you are staying here for three days.

1.) Alona Beach 

The beach was named from filipina bold star actress- Alona whom locals saw naked in this beach. After that incident, the rest was history. There are a lot of hotels, party clubs, and beach activities you can do in this place.

In my case, I stared to the beach for almost 8 hours. It was so detoxifying especially if you have been  staring at your computer daily in an 8am-5pm job in the city.



photo 1.JPG

2.) Tarsiers

Visit the world’s smallest primate in the world. They are only located in Bohol!

photo 2.JPG

3.) Chocolate Hills

Get a view of almost 1200 hills with your special someone. At summer, the hills would look like sweet chocolate kisses. Some already proposed for marriage here.

Two trivias

1.) In local folklore, The hills were believed to be created after two giants threw muds to each other

2.) These hills were under the ocean before. Some archaeologists discovered corals and sea shells in these hills.





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