5 Activities to Do in a 16-Hour Stay in Bangkok, Thailand

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We crossed the border of Thailand after our Siem Riep escapade. On our 8 hour bus trip to its capital city, Bangkok, you will normally pass houses with banners -declaring their love for the King Adulyadej Bhumibol, the longest reigning monarch who passed away last October 2016.

Most tourists visit the city during Songkran if not for the thriving Beauty, Sex, Shopping and Food tourism. In our 16 hour stay, we decided to go on a more conservative itinerary in terms of our already exhausted budgets (after travelling from three different cities).

Here are the 5 Activities you can do in Bangkok if you are only staying for 16 hours.

1.) Eat at Farang

We arrived in the city very hungry! We did not care if the classy restaurant that we entered will charge as much. Anyways, the princess of Thailand once did the ribbon cutting for this restaurant.  We are still very lucky and enjoyed the food.



2.) Staycation near the Airport

The place was very cozy and away from the beeps of the city. Booking a hotel near the suburb and the airport is very wise especially if you want to have some good rest without spending on 5-star hotels. We just booked an uber for our short trip to the night markets, museums, and institutions we visited.



3.) Eat Streetfood

Most street stalls in Bangkok are regulated by the government. It is safe and delicious to eat the foods. We had some grilled sauges, pork barbecue, spicy pork with basil, spicy fish, and iced milk coffee and milk tea!







4.) Visit some government establishments (a museum, institute of foreign affairs, and a university)

Since this is an academic field trip, we visited some government establishments which gave us a wider perspective on the Thai society. They value their people basing it on the offices that we have visited- Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, Thailand’s Foreign Service Institute and Chulalongkorn University.

A view of the Loah Prasat Castle from the viewing deck of the Rattanakosin Museum. The Museum’s interactive tools makes a visit to a museum all fun rather than boring.
A warm welcome from the Thailand’s Foreign Service Institute.
A view of Bangkok from Chulalongkorn University


Additional Helpful Information:

1.) For Van rentals- call thru we chat Mr. Nueng 878004111







  1. I hadn’t realised that the street stalls are regulated by the government! Perhaps that explains why they ALL seem so hygienic and delicious. What was your favourite part of Bangkok?

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