5 Things To Do in Muju

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Muju was never in my bucket list until I became part of the 28th International Youth Forum  (IYF) in Korea. Accordingly, some participants from the 27th IYF reapplied to the 28th IYF because they wanted to go back to this place. I would love to reapply to the 29th IYF just to see Muju and revive all the beautiful memories that I had.

The 5-hours bus trip is worth-the-wait… but hopefully, the government can speed up the train construction from Seoul to Muju. Here are the 5 things you can do in Muju!

1.) Hibernate

This is very far from work. The organisers gave us a lot of time to rest in order to draft this year’s youth declaration which will be  submitted to the United Nations.

2.) Hike

The IYF organisers provided us breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. Foods were so delicious I had three plates every meal.

In order to maintain your six-pack abs, do some hiking with your friends every morning.

3.) Watch the sunrise

Muju has one of the majestic sunrises in the world. clouds touching the tip of the mountains and the sun rising! Majestic.

4.) Do taekwondo moves with a taller friend

Muju is also a training centre for Taekwondo athletes. We had lucky strikes on their special gym for almost three hours.

5.) Meet friends in the annual international youth forum

I have already attended three youth forums/youth exchanges but I consider the IYF in Muju as the best. I became friends with an Afghan, Algerian, Argentinian, Azerbaijani, Bangladeshi, Cambodian, Chinese, Egyptian, Georgian, German, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Moldovan, Moroccan, Dutch, Pakistani, Romanian, Russian, Singaporean, Spanish, Thai, British, American, Vietnamese, Zimbabwean, and Korean.

Additional Helpful Information:

1.) If you want to apply to IYF, please visit: http://www.ncyok.or.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=eng_02&wr_id=28

2.) If you want to do reservations in Muju, please visit: http://www.tkdwon.kr/eng/#


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