5 Things to Do as a Backpacker in HongKong

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‘If you are courageous to travel solo, then you are adventurous’

I got this free airline ticket from a credit card promo and I just can’t resist it. I will be flying thru Cathay Pacific airlines. Unfortunately, I could no longer buy any cheaper economy tickets for my girlfriend nor for my little siblings. So I have to travel solo. And as a backpacker! (this was unplanned and not included to my normally expensive travels).

So what to do on a solo travel? Many would mesmerise that it is the best time to be naughty. Go for one-night stands. Meet random people in the best bars of Hong Kong. Great! But remembering that I have a girlfriend, well well..I just have to forget about that. Anyways, trying those stuffs is not really me. I’m an introvert, loyal, and loving future-husband. I hope no one laughs.

I was given five days to explore the city. And five days were actually too long for a small city like HongKong.. Here are the 5 things I did which could still inspire you once you visit HongKong alone.

1.) Visit some naughty shops (which my girlfriend allowed)

I know one sex shop in my country but I never dared visiting the place as I maybe stigmatised by most of my conservative countrymen. And possibly the worst, I could meet someone I know and shout out to our circle of friends that I am a pervert. But hey, while walking along some of the streets in Hong Kong, I have found my approved fantasy. And good thing was, there was not much people. So I entered, greeted by the seller, and checked all of the items I was curious about. I bought a policeman costume.

sex shop.jpg

And then in one shop in Mongkok, I found this lingerie shop which seems nice. So I also bought some sets.


2.) Visit Museums 

So I told you. I am not the typical traveller who bore on visiting museums. I love museums. You can know the place’ culture, traditions, and history by visiting museums. Most museums in Hong Kong do not require an entrance fee. I think I have visited five. Below are my top 2 favourites:

Museum of Tea Wares

The first bowl moistens my lips and throat;

The second bowl shatters my loneliness;

The third bowl searches my barren entrails, but to find therein some five thousand scrolls; 

The fourth bowl raises a slight perspiration, and all life’s inequities dispense through my pores;

The fifth bowl cleanses my flesh and bones;

The sixth bowl opens up the realm of immortals;

The seventh bowl could not be drunk , only the light breeze raises in my sleeves. 

-Lu Tong, Chinese poet

     HongKong has a tea culture. The tea can be prepared in various methods, leaves, ingredients, and wares. And the combination of those varieties can create a very unique taste. A typical person ,who doesn’t have any background knowledge on how the tea is prepared, would say that the taste are all the same. But to a connoisseur, these are different.

photo 2.JPG

     The tea culture started since the first dynasty in China. The tea can be a powdered tea, whipped tea, steeped tea, gong fu tea or with the current favourite- ice cold milk tea with pearls!

photo 4.JPG

Owning an expensive tea set is one of the Chinese family goals. I actually bought a tea set exported from JianXing province, the ceramics tea set capital of the world.

HongKong Museum of History

The HongKong Museum of History portrays the evolution of HongKong- starting from how the island was formed, its first inhabitants, its first small kingdom,  the invasion of Chinese dynasties to the Island, culture and religion, the invasion of the British and the Japanese, HongKong as an economic tiger, its current lifestyle and politics.

In one area of the building, you can see a small painting of a boy emperor. This is my favourite so far. It amazes me that China was once ruled by a boy and he has been to Hong Kong as an exile. I would want to know more of his story.

photo 5.JPG

3.) Visit Churches

There are a lot of churches in my country but Hong Kong’s churches have some unique designs. I’m not sure if the designs could be attributed to Armenian style or this is really a touch of  Hong Kong style. Sometimes, it also good to have an architect as a travel companion.

photo 1

photo 4.JPG

photo 2

photo 3

4.) Do Shopping 

Nike shoes, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and 24K Gold are less expensive in Hong Kong!

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

5.) Eat out! 

Way back home, I love fast food. So here, I tried KFC, Pizza hut, The Noodle Stand, and the delivery app Deliveroo to deliver me more fast foods. What surprising is, the varieties of foods and tastes they offer are different compared to my home country.

photo 4.JPG
Aglio Olio Pasta from The Point (Pizza + Pasta)
photo 2.JPG
Aglio Oli Pasta with Shrimp and Mango from Pizza Hut. Too bad this is not available in the Philippines.
photo 1.JPG
My breakfast @Tsui Wah Restaurant. Macaroni soup partnered with milk tea.
photo 3.JPG
My dinner @TheNoodleStand. Wanton noodles with shrimp dimsum
photo 1.JPG
KFC meal with a milk tea. Too bad it is not possible in my country.
photo 2.JPG
Bread with milk tea. Good food especially when you are on a budget.
photo 3.JPG
A turkish dish in OUR Restaurant. I forgot the name but I had two same orders for lunch. OUR Restaurant is located at Tung Choi Street, Mongkok

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  1. I am going to visit HK at the end of this month and I am so glad I find your 5 things to do in HK. I never thought HK have museums. I will definitely visit Hong Kong Museum of History and check out if I can get to know more of the background of that boy.

  2. Hi Nsnunag….read some of your posts and I really felt as if I am travelling….keep writing like this. Looking forward for your new destination… got a follower 😊😊😊

    1. Thank you Arora. I would also like comments on opportunities on how to improve my blog. Have a great day! Thank you again

      1. I think you are straight from your heart which I liked. You can work out a little more on photographs though some are really good. Interact with more bloggers. like or comment on their post. Follow some travel blogs. You are doing a good job…keep writing and smiling😁😁

  3. beautiful pictures. Very interesting. I would imagine that churches in Hong Kong is an English/British influence in their architecture. And plus most Hong Kongese are Anglicanise since Hong Kong have been colonised by the British for many a donkeys years. It was a great read

  4. Though I am reasonably familiar with HK, having stayed there for almost a year, many years back, each place has many undiscovered layers, as the places you highlight reveal.

      1. Behave with a confidence. Look their eyes straight. While going into the warst place, still keep your face “I know here well and I can deal with you” —– That’s how I did travel in the muntain of Golden Triangle. (See my post “Yoshi Handy”)

  5. I have only done numbers 2 and 4. I have also visited the Hong Kong Museum of History, and it was actually one of the few interesting museums that I visited so far. I am usually not a museum type of person. I also visited the Museum of Science which was funny but more directed to children in my opinion.

    I have only done a little bit of shopping while I was in Hong Kong. I needed some boots and while looking for them, I found some book stores and cosmetic shops and got myself some things there as well πŸ˜€ I would also love to roam through the night markets in Hong Kong. Haven’t done that yet, and feel like I have missed out on something.

    You have forgotten to mention the famous sights like Victoria Peak and the Tian Tan Buddha :/
    Nightlife is also big in Hong Kong, and also something that I didn’t have the chance to do since I was travelling alone there as well.

    Instead of number 5, I would also recommend eating out at cantonese or chinese restaurants. Or at a little bit fancier restaurants πŸ˜‰

  6. Well another helpful post, will be in hkg before taipei in dec. Mmm so what did u do with the policeman costume haha got you mate, nice post!

  7. Don’t forget to go for a hike! Hong Kong is especially great for all the nature it has: hiking trails, mountains, beaches, islands… πŸ˜‰

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